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Made from oak, the Compact knife block’s classic, space-saving design makes it a practical addition to any kitchen worktop. Supplied with four essential Signature kitchen knives and scissors.


A knife block set from the multi-award winning Signature range. Includes 6 of the most popular Signature kitchen knives with the addition of an integrated ceramic wheel knife sharpener.


Robert Welch Signature Essential Set, 3 pc. Bread knife, cook's knife and kitchen knife

Robert Welch Signature 2pc Starter Set. Cook's knife and paring knife

A hand-held knife sharpener from the multi-award winning Signature range. The angled ceramic wheel quickly and easily sharpens your kitchen knives. 


The Signature 10cm/4”" paring knife has a plain edged, shorter blade which is ideal for peeling, trimming, and slicing fruits and vegetables.


The Signature 14cm/5.5"” serrated tomato knife features a pronged tip for picking up slices and a scalloped edge for cutting citrus fruits and other foods with a hard rind or tough skin.


The Signature 14cm/5.5”" kitchen knife is an all-purpose knife with a straight blade for slicing, dicing and chopping


The Signature 14cm/5.5"” cook’'s knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife with a curved blade for chopping and rocking cutting actions.


The Signature 16cm/6.5" flexible utility knife has a narrow blade and pointed end for precision when peeling soft fruit, skinning fish and poultry or cutting around bones. The added flexibility ensures ease of handling around the bone.


The Signature 22cm/8.5”" bread knife has a scalloped blade with a pointed end ideal for slicing through crusty loaves, French sticks and cakes.


The Signature 17cm/7"” santoku knife has a wide scalloped blade for precision slicing and dicing.


The Signature 23cm/9"” carving knife features a long curved blade, which enables the user to cut fine slices of meat, poultry and fish in a single stroke.


The Signature 20cm/8"” cook’'s knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife with a curved blade for chopping and rocking cutting actions.


A 23cm/9"” sharpening steel from the award-winning range. Made from the highest quality stainless steel.


The Signature 15cm/6"” carving knife and 13cm/5"” carving fork are ideal for holding and accurately carving meat and poultry. The fork can also lift and turn meats during cooking.


A knife block from the award-winning Signature range. Designed to hold 6 knives and with a space for an integrated knife sharpener.      


A wall-mounted magnetic knife rack designed to securely hold up to 8 kitchen knives.


A replacement wheel for the innovative Signature knife block or handheld knife sharpener.


A 2 piece set featuring scissors and stand from the Signature range. Scissors are made from high quality stainless steel.


Robert Welch Signature Essential Set, 3 pc.Cook's knife, Kitchen knife and Veg knife