Stellar Sabatier Cook's Knife 15cm

Stellar Sabatier Cook's Knife 15cm


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  • Quality And Tradition In Every Knife
  • Forged from single billets of stainless steel
  • Designed for professional-standard weight, balance and safety
  • Distinctive traditional black handles
  • Secure spun-solid handle rivets
  • Sharpener options
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Stellar Lifetime Guarantee

“Sabatier” is the mark used by several kitchen knife manufacturers. The name Sabatier has its origins in the Thiers region of France and is reserved for knives of the highest quality the majority of which are fully forged from a single billet of high quality steel. The knives of these manufacturers have a long history and are highly regarded. The only sure way to tell whether it is a quality “Sabatier” knife is whether it is “fully forged”.

Stellar Sabatier knives are fully forged from a single billet of surgical grade steel and are made under strict tolerances and quality inspection, under license from Rousselon Frères (Owners of the Mexeur Lion Sabatier, first registered in 1812)


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