Global Special Edition Vegetable Knife 14cm - GS-5/AN

Product Code: GS-5/AN
Product Code: GS-5/AN
The GS-5 is a smaller version of the G-5 vegetable chopper and takes its inspiration from Japanese Usuba (Vegetable Knives). The relatively flat parts of the blade are designed to chop through fruit and vegetables by coming into full contact with the chopping board. The front of the blade is more curved like a chefâs knife, allowing the knife to be rocked gently forward after each cut and encourage good technique.

In 1985, Japanese Cutlery Manufacturer Yoshikin engaged the services of young designer Komin Yamada to come up with a new concept in Kitchen Knives.  The result was a revolutionary series of 12 knives, with Stainless Steel handles, and extremely sharp cutting edges, which were to be branded GLOBAL to indicate the will to make them available all over the world, and coded G-1 to 6, and GS-1 to 6.

The task of introducing these new knives to international markets was passed on to Mino Tsuchida, a young and successful Japanese Businessman who was already familiar with many Western markets, and who regularly visited Trade Fairs in Europe.  This began our story of 35 years of growing acclaim and domination of the market for high quality, professional knives.  Nowadays, there is hardly a professional chef or hobby cook who is not familiar with the Global brand.

We intend to celebrate this year’s 35th Anniversary by “going back to our roots” and focussing on 10 of our best-selling knives from the Classic series, and making them as affordable and accessible to as many as possible, both those who are already fans of Global Knives, and new users.

Our special edition stainless steel Knife Block has space for all 10 knives included in this promotion, as well as a Ceramic Sharpening “Steel”.

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