Home Made Ceramic 8.5cm Mortar and Pestle by KitchenCraft

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Product Code: KCMPA
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Product Code: KCMPA
Stock Status: In Stock
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There's something really rewarding about preparing a dish from scratch, and it always tastes better too. But if you truly want to take your home cooking to the next level, you need a good-quality pestle and mortar, like this classic, sturdy model from KitchenCraft Home Made.

With its chunky pestle and 8.5 cm (3½-inch) wide mortar bowl, this traditional herb crusher makes light work of grinding, mashing and mincing small portions of ingredients. In no time at all, you can grind a medley of herbs and spices for an aromatic curry, mash fresh avocado into creamy guacamole or mince basil and nuts for a herby pesto.

The secret? It's all about the unglazed pestle and mortar bowl. The rough, textured surfaces make speedy work of grinding, so it's great for those experimental, 'season-as-you-go' cooking sessions!
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