KitchenCraft Natural Elements Acacia Wood Hachoir Set

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Product Code: NEHACHOIR
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Product Code: NEHACHOIR
Stock Status: In Stock
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How much do you love traditional recipes? When you're pulling out all the stops to make a hearty spaghetti bolognese, or a flavour-packed Provençal fish soup, don't shirk on the chopping.

You won't release the delicious flavours and aromas of garlic, herbs, onions or chillis unless you finely slice them. Get the most out of your ingredients with the help of this traditional mezzaluna knife and chopping board set.

It's so easy to use. Place your ingredients into the concave board. Then cut them to the consistency you want, by rocking the razor sharp, crescent shaped knife. Not only does the board protect your surfaces from damage, it ensures your ingredients come into maximum contact with your knife.

Now add to your favourite paellas, sauces and pizza toppings and wait for the compliments to flood in!

Perfect for fine chopping
Solid acacia wood base with concave chopping area and integral stand
Certified 100% food safe
12 month guarantee
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