Robert Welch Signature Knife Block with Sharpener

Product Code: SIGBK2191V/2
Product Code: SIGBK2191V/2

A knife block from the award-winning Signature range. Designed to hold 6 knives and with a space for an integrated knife sharpener.

As beautiful as it is practical, the Signature knife block has been designed with effortless human interaction in mind. This block comes complete with an integrated ceramic wheel knife sharpener, to keep knives honed and sharp. A magnetic locator in each slot draws the spine of the knife to the block, preventing damage to the cutting edge when inserting or removing the knives. Made from durable matt black ABS with a polished stainless steel collar.

Product Highlights:
•  Magnets hold blade away from the block, preventing damage to the cutting edge. 
•  Ceramic wheel knife sharpener to maintain the 15° blade edge of Signature knives.
•  Multi-award winning British design and a 25 year guarantee.

We recommend that after 12-24 months, depending on frequency of use, you change the ceramic sharpening wheel in order to maintain your knife's cutting edge to a high standard. Sold as a block only to hold a combination of Robert Welch knives. Block consists of 1 small, 2 medium and 3 large knife slots. All knives in the small and medium sized sleeves also fit into the large sleeve.

Incompatible Knives: Signature Cook's Knife 25cm, Signature Deep Santoku Knife 17cm, Signature Slicing Knife 30cm, Signature Flexible Slicing Knife 30cm. All other knives currently in the Signature range will fit.


Depth: 200mm

Height: 240mm

Width: 230mm

  • Brand:
    Robert Welch
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